With over 19 years of hands on experience in massage therapy, Courtney Lawless Bliss brings expertise and care to her work. With expertise in Swedish and deep tissue massage, Courtney works closely with clients to achieve their personal health goals. Whether you are looking for help in healing from an injury, personal maintenance, or deeper relaxation amidst daily stresses, she will help you with your particular needs. Let Nauset Massage be a healing place for you today!

  • born and raised on Cape Cod
  • graduated from Nauset High School (Eastham, MA)
  • degree from Hartwood Institute (CA)
  • worked as a massage therapist at the following local businesses:
    • Chatham Bars Inn
    • Heaven Scent You
    • NY Hair
  • specializes in Swedish and therapeutic (combination of Swedish and deep tissue) massage
  • massages include a selection of music crafted to give maximum relaxation and healing
  • each massage is a full sensory experience
  • breath work and meditative exercises are available with massages
  • as a rep for Alcone, Courtney has access to a wide array of skin care products


A Healing Place for You

(774) 216-0067 | 81 Finlay Road, Suite C, Orleans, MA